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apple controlled atmosphere cool storage
May 31, 2018

Today there is a customer who inquire about the standard size of apple CA cool storage? Here I’d like to answer, there is no such standard size of apple CA cool storage. It shall be planned as per the actual storage quantity; different storage quantity needs different sized CA cool storage.

Haocool refrigeration is an experienced apple CA cool storage design/build company and can provide customers cost effective CA cool storage solutions.


     apple CA cool storage design standard 

    1.CA cool storage design scale is calculated by the volume. The volume is net room coverage area multiply net height.

    2.CA cool storage design scale

3.CA cool storage commodity weight, calculated by stacking methods and commodity varieties.

    4. CA cool storage commodity storage parameters, customers shall provide onsite CA parameters, otherwise refer to data in similar environment for design.

    5.Air tightness standard.  Empty storage room initial pressure 196Pa( 20mm H2O), test pressure lowering time is 20 minutes,  it is acceptable as qualified if the pressure is more than 78Pa( 20mm H2O) after test ends. If there is temperature change result in inside air pressure variance, it need to be based on varied value.

     general rules of apple CA cool storage:

1.CA cool storage is generally made by steel structure or steel bar concrete structure. Small and medium sized can be made by bricks structure.

2.Cool storage room structure shall take into account of the deformation and internal stress influenced by temperature change. Shall take relevant measures to reduce the effect of temperature change`s damage to structure and airtightness layer.

3.Each direction of all sections` minimum ratio of reinforcement shall not be less than 0.3%

4.The CA cool storage support structure, outside wall, internal separation wall, top panel and other supports shall meet required strength and deformation rates as to the temperature change and the positive and negative pressure of internal gas.

5.If soft soil base, shall consider the unevenness and deformation brought by large stacking and the bad effect to structure and ground.


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