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100 ton fruit cold storage cost per square meter?
Apr 17, 2018

The cost of a 100 ton fruit cold storage usually takes 12-15 thousand RMB yuan, which is up to the partition, temperature, storage type. Haocool as the leading cold storage design/build contractor, can provide customers cost effective solution for fruit cold storage.


    components of fruit cold storage construction

    1.refrigeration equipment

Fruit cold storage usually have refrigeration equipment that use low evaporative temperature liquid as refrigerant to evaporate under low pressure and mechanical control, absorb the heat inside the cold storage and thus get the cooling effect.

    2.cold storage structure construction

Generally cold storage use steel structure construction. The type of structure can increase the space efficiency of cold storage and save construction time for it. Due to long sunshine and temperature difference to the building, it will cause expansion or deformation. So it is better to use the pre-fabricated and adjust to lessen deformation problem.


    common fruit cold storage temperature:

    Apple:fresh keeping cold storage temperature range -1℃~+1℃,humidity 85%~90%,storage time 2-70 days;

    Pear:fresh keeping cold storage temperature range -1℃~+1.5℃,humidity 85%~90%,storage time 1-60 days;

    watermelon:fresh keeping cold storage temperature range2℃~4℃,humidity75%~85%,storage time 7-10 days;

    cherry:fresh keeping cold storage temperature range0.5℃~1℃,humidity80%,storage time 7-21 days;

    coconut:fresh keeping cold storage temperature range-4.5℃~-3℃,humidity75%,storage time 8-12days;

    grapes:fresh keeping cold storage temperature range-1℃~3℃,humidity85%~90%,storage time 10-40 days;

    strawberry:fresh keeping cold storage temperature range-0.5℃~1.5℃,humidity75%~85%,storage time 7-10days;

    orange:fresh keeping cold storage temperature range0℃~1℃,humidity80%~90%,storage time 50-70days;

    pineapple:fresh keeping cold storage temperature range4℃~12℃,humidity 85%~90%,storage time 14-20days.

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