Reach Truck For Cold Storage

Reach Truck For Cold Storage

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        Product name:cold storage reach truck

        Application temperature:-25℃~ 40℃


        1.800*1200 pallet equipped, landing without reaching forward

        2.High power battery DIN standard battery, 480Ah-600Ah; highly effective and energy-saving, power consumption 2.52KWh/h, save 20% energy than ordinary products.

        3.Ergo design

        Brandnew design control panel and ergonomic anti-vibration pedal, ensure driving pleasure.

        4.Door structure system

        Reaching forward function, realize storage of goods without moving truck body, thus more comfortable and safe. High-quality imported C steel ensure truck load capability.

        5.Emergency botton

        Can cut off all power and increase safety.

        6.Top-notch imported configuration

        Configuration: electronic turning direction, all AC system.

        Key elements use imported top-notch configuration, good reliability and quality assurance.

        Germany imported HOESH steel;

        Germany SCH drive and turning direction motor;

        KDS lifting motor sino-us joint venture;

        USA imported Curtis electric control;

        Germany imported ZF drive;

        Shimadzu multi-way valve and gear pump Sino-Japanese joint venture

        7.Adjustable seat

        More comfortable performance

        8.Options available

        Options such as side reaching, camera, monitor, damp, alarm light etc.

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