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Seafood Fresh-keeping And Freezing Methods
Oct 30, 2017

Seafood is very sensitive commodity for storage, it can be divided to 2 kinds, alive and freezed. Seafood freezing methods are very many, such as fresh with ice, blast freezing, ship freezing,  flake ice freezing etc. Different freezing technology leads to different effect.



    common freezing methods of seafood:

1. fresh with ice:fresh, nutritious.

2. blast freezing: blast freeze seafood below 40℃

3. ship freezing:quickly freeze the new caught seafood in ships

    4.individually quick frozen:(IQF)freezing, use IQF freezing equipment to blast freeze. Each individual fish/portion / fillet is frozen separately. This is to minimise ice cystals as possible to make the seafood intact texture and lock in the flavor and moisture.

    For long storage of seafood, it must use freezer cold storage at least below -18 ℃. HaoCool is happy to offer turnkey solution to seafood industry, please contact haocool via trade@kvjv.com.


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