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Seafood Cold Storage Construction Technical Specification
Aug 02, 2017

The requirements of constructing seafood cold storage

  1. PU clad with dual side SS color sheet, specification 100mm and 150mm are mostly used. good insulation and sealing, strength, light weight and being easy to install properties, are considered to be a good choice of cold storage insulation material.

  2. the compressors units are usually using foreign brands, such as German Bitzer, USA Emerson Copeland, French Maneurop, Japanese Hitachi, these brands equipment is with good quality, sound after sales service, can meet the refrigeration requirements of seafood well.

3.   seafood cold storage temperature control system: large scale seafood cold storage use PLC programming control, can set the temperature and humidity etc. according to own specific requirements;  small scale seafood use microcomputer automatic control system, which is simple to operate, convenient to control, and can embed text message notification features to monitor the cold storage inside temp. any time anywhere to ensure the safety of seafood.

things needed to pay attention to store seafood in cold storage:

  1. to ensure best effect of refrigeration equipment, to blast freeze seafood in short time, the low temperature cold storage can be set below -18℃, the high temperature is usally 0℃, and these temperature shall be kept stably. big flutuation of temperature may badly effect the seafood quality.

  2. when seafood put into cold storage, we shall record the details such as incoming and outgoing time, quantity, item description etc. to ensure safe and sound storage.

  3. try to reduce the opening of doors frequency, and ensure doors are shut down firmly. seafood best be in the storage in one time. seafood without blast freezing process can not be stored in low temp coldstorage immediately and reduce heat entering as little as possible.

  4. those seafood not conform to quality requirements cannot be stored in cold storage. seafood commodity shall be stored in an organized way, and separate the packaged and unpackaged goods.

before quoation HaoCool need to know:

  1. what kind of seafood are to be stored? at what best temperature?

  2. what is the intended size of the cold storage? need seperated room for different kinds of seafood?

  3. any refrigeration brands preference?

  4. what is the power voltage info of where is seafood cold storage  to be constructed.

HaoCool is glad to answer your any inquiry related to cold storage. 

For face to face talk customers can visit Shanghai HaoCool headquarter or trade shows. Take Vietfish for example, we will be exhibiting in it during 28-31st this months, welcome to drop by our booth 501.

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