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Medical Cold Storage
Apr 26, 2017

The main cold storage at room temperature can not guarantee the quality of all kinds of pharmaceutical products, in the cold storage conditions of the drug does not deteriorate failure, extend the shelf life of drugs. Drug storage cuvin general + 2 DEG to 8 DEG C, cooler bag general -15 transport temperature to -20 DEG C.

Our production of cold storage refrigeration, medical with cooling speed, complete function, energy saving and other advantages, and the use of the most advanced low noise cooling fan, to ensure that the minimum energy consumption reached the highest efficiency of the host.

1 reasonable selection

Pharmaceutical Refrigeratory library body insulation system to sign the national health standard library in vivo can be selected according to the color steel plate, stainless steel plate, embossed aluminum customer requirements, rigid polyurethane heat insulation sandwich plate composed of different materials such as rock. Base plate adopts high pressure foaming process once injection molding, advanced eccentric hook and hook connection mode to realize the close connection between the base plate and the base plate, excellent sealing to minimize air leakage, increase insulation. T plate, wall panels, corner board combined cold storage can be assembled in any space. The utility model has the advantages of no toxicity, no smell, no rust, simple and practical, energy saving and environmental protection, and can reduce the heat transfer caused by the temperature difference between inside and outside.

2 energy saving and environmental protection

The medicine cold storage refrigeration unit selects the import full closed compression unit or the half closed compression unit, the unit has the energy efficiency ratio, the refrigeration ability is strong, the noise is low, safe and reliable and so on. The radiator with high efficiency cooling condenser, the external rotor motor with low noise, can effectively dissipate heat, the pressure in the extreme environment of high temperature to maintain the normal values, the refrigeration unit of effective cooling effect, energy saving and environmental protection. The cold storage evaporator uses the high efficiency ceiling air cooler, the noise is low, the refrigeration capacity is big, the automatic frost.

3 intelligent control

Refrigeration control system of cold storage of the medicine we use automatic microcomputer control technology, computer intelligent temperature control, temperature and humidity recorder high precision temperature sensor (with alarm device); the temperature in the library can be set free; automatic constant temperature, automatic switch machine, without manual operation, digital temperature display, to ensure the safe storage of goods in the library. The utility model can meet the requirements of long time monitoring in the application, and when the temperature and humidity reaches the upper and lower limit state, the device can be used to detect the sound and light alarm. Gao Xiang refrigerator to give full play to the advantages of electrical automation system control, integration of all equipment, making it a reliable, full-featured, excellent performance, automatic equipment unattended system. Its light weight, high strength, good insulation, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, mothproof, non-toxic, no mildew, in the ultra low temperature can demonstrate its superiority.


1, unique refrigeration system, so that the library body, refrigeration equipment and electrical control with the best energy-saving;

2, the use of the most advanced thermal insulation materials such as polyurethane core composite board, professional technology and excellent selection, to ensure that the system is more reliable;

3, advanced gas control device and gas detection and analysis instrument, the maximum limit to ensure the best gas composition in the library;

4, the combination of all of the library board according to the set connection mechanism prefabricated, site construction is particularly convenient.

5, the internal wall embedded type connection buckle assembly and disassembly, convenient transportation, assembly enabled cold storage installation time is short, short time limit, base according to user needs can be freely combined, separated or increase and decrease. In a small refrigerator generally 3-7 days of delivery, and is especially suitable for medical institutions and related enterprises.

6, can be widely used in vaccine preservation, drug preservation, medical biological products, plasma combination, constant temperature and humidity and industry, foreign trade, food, aquatic products, animal husbandry, tourism, hotels, food and other industries.

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