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How To Save Energy In Cold Storage Refrigeration Equipment
Apr 26, 2017

How to save energy in cold storage refrigeration equipment

First, the energy saving of fruit and vegetable cold storage

Fruit and vegetable mini cold storage refers to the base plate and a cold storage refrigeration system, evaporator in the factory prefabricated, installed at the site of origin of agricultural products after the cold or cold storage construction become the assembly or semi assembly semi cold storage construction, and storage capacity is generally less than 200m3, for the cold storage. According to the design temperature classification, the fruit thinning miniature cold storage belongs to the high temperature cold storage. The mini cold storage is composed of refrigeration system, warehouse, control system and so on.

The influence factors of energy consumption of the cold storage and cold storage of fruits and vegetables energy-saving measures

1 the cold running rate of the cold storage structure of the cold storage enclosure is proportional to the heat flow rate of the envelope of the refrigerator. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the reduction of the cold storage units in the cold storage. In order to reduce the unit heat flow, the first is the thermal conductivity of thermal insulation material is small, the two is the thickness of the envelope structure. But the thickness should not be too thick, otherwise there will be increased construction costs and waste of space and other issues. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate thickness of insulation materials. Under normal circumstances, the thermal conductivity of the insulation material is small, the water absorption rate is low, the low temperature resistance is good, and the cost is not too high. Commonly used cold storage insulation materials are rice husk, polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, etc.. The rice husk is convenient, but the heat resistance is small, easy to absorb moisture, and a large amount of base construction, the time-consuming, cost is not lower than the polystyrene foamed polystyrene; many manufacturers, purchase convenient, affordable, build a larger thermal resistance, convenient installation; polyurethane rigid foam thermal resistance, thermal insulation performance is best, but the price is high.

2 cold storage structure of the moisture barrier and steam isolation of the cold storage structure to take measures to prevent moisture vapor barrier is necessary, otherwise it will make the thermal insulation material insulation performance. This is the beginning of the cold storage body insulation performance is good, but after a period of time the effect of poor insulation. Since water vapor is permeated from the side of the high temperature and low temperature, the moisture barrier should be located on the side of the high temperature.

3 the evaporation pressure and temperature evaporation temperature of the cold storage is corresponding to the evaporation pressure. In the condition of cold storage temperature under the certain temperature (the evaporation temperature and the temperature difference between the warehouse is reduced, the evaporation temperature) can be improved, the refrigerating capacity of cold storage refrigeration machine will be improved, that is to improve the efficiency of circulation, accordingly save electricity.

4 cold storage defrosting operation in general, when the frost on the evaporator surface layer of air resistance is not significant, yet reduce the air flow through the evaporator before the effect of frost is not serious, may not have to defrost; when the air flow was significantly reduced, should be defrosting. The air humidity is high temperature storage, evaporator temperature and cold storage is bigger, more easily in the evaporator frosting, combined with the preservation process, as far as possible the use of packaging can reduce the consumption of fruits and vegetables frozen dry, reduce evaporator defrosting times, actually also played the role of energy-saving refrigerator.

5 the storage temperature of cold storage and the utilization rate of cold storage warehouse are different, the fruits and vegetables have different storage temperature range. Under the condition of not affecting the quality of fruits and vegetables, the high temperature storage should be used. The cold temperature is high, the evaporation temperature of refrigeration system is also improved, the refrigerating capacity of refrigerator will be increased, it certainly improves the circulation efficiency. Improve the refrigerator temperature but also can reduce the heat transferred outwards through the library. The utilization ratio of energy saving cold storage warehouse is the ratio of the actual volume of fruit and vegetable to the effective volume of storehouse. For small cold storage capacity utilization is generally not less than 0.3, of course, can not be too high, otherwise the cooling difficulties. For the storage of fruits and vegetables to change the volume of large, should be divided into two or more cold storage room. In addition to choose a reasonable storage cycle, which is the energy saving of cold storage.

Two, variable frequency speed control technology

For cold storage energy saving in view of cold storage refrigeration enterprises 80% of the power consumption is the refrigeration system, and refrigeration system compressor power consumption accounts for about 60%, so the compressor matching motor energy saving significance is more important. Cold storage design, to determine the general assembly machine according to the maximum mechanical load the year, in order to meet the requirements of the peak heat load but in actual operation, due to the existence of food cold processing and other factors, often cold compressor design matching full load operation time is short, low load operation time is long, so that most of the compressor time is less than the design load operation conditions, in our country, widely exists in the low load refrigerator compressor motor.

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