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How To Improve The Design Quality Of Cold Storage
Apr 26, 2017

The development of high technology is that we have a high quality of life, but also brought us industrial pollution. The construction of artificial environment involves the relationship between the existence and development of human beings and the relationship between man and man, the demand of human existence and development, the performance of human being and the influencing factors.

Survey and design is the soul of the project, the quality of the leader, only with excellent design, in order to create quality engineering. Therefore, the quality of survey and design is directly related to the quality of Engineering construction. How to improve the quality of the design on the basis of ensuring the safety of the structure is a topic worthy of further study. Through a large number of investigations, combined with their own practice, this paper puts forward some suggestions on how to improve the quality of design. First of all, we should set up the system of expert consultation as the core. The party began to stage do not understand the development trend in the project, after the completion of often feel in the use of functions and internal facilities lag, leaving a lot of regret, therefore the design units should introduce some more advanced design ideas in the project. The key to improve the design quality is to optimize the design. How to optimize the design? It is an effective way to carry out design consultation. Design consultation is the owners voluntarily paid to hire experts or authority design agencies, scheme of benefit issue, the owners concerned and shoddy, technology advancement and rationality of evaluation and optimization, so as to determine the optimal design, improve the benefit of investment. Two is to strengthen the design review of construction plans. Design is the key to the construction of the project, do a good job in the design review to ensure the safety of the structure, saving investment will play an important role. Recommendations related to the management department, combined with the problems in previous years, the development of the professional construction drawings design considerations and implementation details. In order to reduce and eliminate the various problems that may arise during the design phase of the construction drawings, and improve the passing rate of the drawings.

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