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HaoCool Can Work With Afghanistan To Deliver Cost Effective Cold Storage Design And Build Service
Jan 25, 2018

    Poppies or pomegranates: Afghan opium cultivation on the rise and we can do something cool for Afghan

    As we all know , popies are the raw material for making opium. Afghan is a war-torn country and its farmers, willing or forced to, rely on growing the crop as major income to support livlihood.  But as statistics find , the same area its opium production is low and pomegranate is high so growing pomegranate will generate more income to farmers, however not known by many of them.

Afghan pomegranate2.jpg

    So we can help to raise awareness and consume more fruit from Afghan, as Afghan is proud of its high quality fruits such as grapes, pomegranate, almond, melon, apple and berries and dried goods like raisins, almonds, Pistachios, walnuts, figs etc.

Afghanistan's first ever grape festival.jpg

    We must note one issue that these fruits will be wasted considering severe shortage of cold storage facility in Afghan, and moreover, even the unwasted ones are not at a good price for farmers. So afghan government will build more cold storage to help relieve poverty and raise income for its people. 

Shanghai HaoCool is one of leading cold storage contractor and also manages its own 3 large cold storage for rental in China and are seeking business abroad, which is very helpful for these knowhow and experience to help build cold storage facility in Afghan. HaoCool would like to work with local government, traders, farmers and foreign investors on cold storage design build and management issues and can also introduce contacts and business opportunities to better tap Shanghai markets. 

Today it is an open world and we can work together to do good things for less developed nations to relieve poverty and generate business and improve their exports through direct talk, trade shows, visit, meeting and forum, promotion activities etc. And besides fruits, cold storage customers also comes from vegetable, food processing, seafood, dairy, pharmaceutical, industrial, cold chain logistics, catering and restraunt, supermarkets etc.. welcome to keep in touch with HaoCool team and inquire when you need a cost effective cold storage.


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