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7 Procedures Of Highly Effective Seafood Cold Storage
Aug 16, 2017

1.proper operation

seafood industry low temperature blast freezer shall be operated properly, to fully realize the best effect of the refrigeration of all related equipment, and cut the time used for freezing seafood of the seafood blast freezer.

2.even temperature

Seafood cold storage is classified as low temperature cold storage, at minus 18 degrees Celsius, the high temperature chill storage is about 0 degrees Celsius, the temperature shall be even and stable, no fluctuation of temperature otherwise baldy effect the seafood quality.      

3.Put into storage once

Better to put into storage once and prohibit unfreezed goods entering the low temperature freezer directly. When the center temperature of goods is high as around -8 degrees Celsius, they should be sent back for blast freezer to freeze and then back to store in low temperature cold storage.  

4.prevent heat

During running, due attention shall be paid to the insulation and keep it in good condition, do utmost to prevent heat entering the cold room, and minimize the opening-door time of operation workers, and shut down light when get out, make sure doors shut down firmly.

5.try to make good use of the cold room as much

When storing seafood, the packaging and stacking should be as firm as possible, and try to make full use of the cold room.  Labeled and unlabeled seafood goods can not be stored in the same cold store. Prevent goods stacked on floor directly, at least should be separated by using wooden board.

6.time record

A sound recording of entering time ,name, grade, quantity and other important info should be realized when goods entering the cold storage. Make sure first in first out principle and the goods at good condition. The storage of seafood is about 6-9 months when cold storage is -18 degrees Celsius. If rotting and degrading occurs, it should be dealt with immediately to prevent bad effect to other goods.

7. Prohibit rotten goods entering the cold storage.

Low temperature cold storage should be free from rotten and degraded goods and bad odors and non-quality complaint seafood goods entering.

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