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Guizhou Agriculutral And Horticultural Produce Promotion In Shanghai
Dec 25, 2017

Shanghai is the richest city in China and the most populous city of the most populous country in the world.Every day new things are happenning in this fantastic city. And one of them we would like to say in this article is that new products from everywhere are introduced in Shanghai through various means aiming to tap into this huge market.

Today the Guizhou province produce introduction meeting and show is held in Shanghai with support from Shanghai vegetable and edible fungi industry association. HaoCool team is invited as the supplier and solution provider of cold storage and refrigeration sector. 





HaoCool has hundreds of reference for the vegetable and fruit industry nationwide with its Shanghai HQ and 6 subcompanies, which is one of the very few in the industry that get the scale of nationwide coverage and rich experience in cold storage for this sector such as controlled atmosphere cold storage, fresh-keeping cool room, blast freezer, freezer room etc..and besides cold storage planning, design/build, HaoCool owns its own cold storage in Shanghai Songjiang and Pudong district and Urumqi in West China for around 30000 square meters in total. So HaoCool can help customers build and run cold storage well.

HaoCool is seeking every opportunities to serve customers needs in this sector and looking for international projects for business expansion. If you have inquiry please feel free to contact us.

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