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Energy Conservation Should Be Considered In Small Scale Cold Storage In Summer
Apr 26, 2017

Summer is the peak of the cold storage installation, in many food related industries who are ready to begin to consider the occasion of the summer cold storage installation, the installation of cold storage must consider many factors, especially in terms of energy saving, cold storage is relatively large building energy consumption in a cold storage installation, beginning to consider such problems, can help users save a lot of cost, and a cold storage life are the lowest for 15 years, so, energy saving should be considered cold storage installation strategy, users should be given enough attention.

In the process of installation of small cold storage, energy saving is mainly concerned with refrigeration equipment and refrigeration system. A lot of small refrigerator using freon refrigeration system, application of the refrigeration system in cold storage has its advantages, high degree of automation, simple and compact structure, users love, the unit is normally used in air-cooled condensing, the ambient temperature is not very high, the cooling effect is very good.

However, the energy consumption of this cooling system in the summer when many users really headache. In the summer, the temperature is high, the humidity is large, although the condenser cooling area is enough, but the environmental temperature is not changed, the exhaust pressure will be particularly high. In particular, the small temperature library, such as the slaughter industry with acid library, a large amount of goods into the library, the heat is high, the consumption of cold. To reduce the efficiency of refrigeration, power consumption, slow down. This brings certain risks to the cold storage of friends, sometimes some users had to take emergency measures, such as to the condenser water, although the effect is very good, but after all, solve the problem of long road, not only waste of manpower and financial resources, but also will cause the corrosion of condenser, affect the service life.

In view of the above situation, Guangzhou cold storage installation company Yang told everyone in the installation of refrigeration equipment, the best way is (in series) with "evaporative condenser", according to the refrigerator Size Custom condensation (conditional can be made for the cooling area of >0.7 square meters) / horse (brass area plus fin fin spacing area) >7mm.

In terms of system installation, it is necessary to consider whether the choice of the unit is fully matched, whether the excessive energy consumption caused by excessive production capacity, as well as the lack of capacity of the phenomenon of small carts. If the operation of compressor and circulating water pump and wind machine synchronization, pump power should not be too large (50W>100W, 220V).

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