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Double Temperature Cold Storage
Apr 26, 2017

Double temperature cold storage means in a freezer and divided into two different room temperature, and were installed two sets of doors, according to the needs of the storage of food, different temperature, can also achieve the preservation and storage function, a centralized cooling refrigeration unit, two sets of base evaporator in the cooling at the same time, the temperature control system can control the temperature of each independent display different, because of the control system of two dual temperature control machine, when the temperature reaches the set requirements of a control system is closed during refrigeration, until another temperature is to set the required refrigeration unit to stop work, which first before starting to set the required temperature automatically control system controls the refrigeration unit which libraries in refrigeration.

First, double temperature cold storage temperature:

1, (preservation of the library 0 degrees C ~ +8 C), 2 (-15 -18)

Two, double temperature cold storage warehouse:

The insulation base body is a polyurethane insulation board, with plastic coated steel plate and other metal materials for surface layer material, superior insulation performance and good mechanical strength together. The utility model has the advantages of simple and convenient assembly mode, long heat preservation and insulation life, simple maintenance, low cost, high strength and light weight, etc. the utility model is the best material for the selection of the cold storage insulation body.

Three, double temperature cold storage features:

1, unit: a centralized cooling refrigeration unit, reduce operating costs, less failure, unit selection of domestic imported refrigeration unit; the main components of cold storage are used for the import of domestic well-known brand, which is to ensure the reasonable configuration of refrigeratory, stable operation, low energy consumption, excellent quality. Shenzhen cold storage maintenance

2, evaporator: high efficiency evaporator or ceiling tube

3, control system: the use of advanced microcomputer control system and advanced control methods, liquid crystal display library temperature, boot time, the box time, the delay time of the fan, alarm instructions and technical parameters. Simple operation, the user is very convenient to use.

4, the library board: double color steel polyurethane cold plate quality, small area, good thermal insulation properties; base plate thickness by 100mm, 150mm, general 200mm, polyurethane insulation materials, double coated steel plate for color steel plate, processed into invisible groove, its light weight, high strength, good insulation properties, corrosion resistance, aging, the library board assembly is simple and fast, is the best material for cold storage insulation library selection.

5, the installation process: advanced construction machinery, advanced installation technology, strict quality management, to ensure that the product in every production link layers of checks, so that the user's requirements become a reality.

6, major: cold storage size, temperature and unit placement, open doors, library layout, all according to the specific requirements of users. To meet the needs of users. Beijing blue dream refrigeration professional construction team, each of the construction workers have long experience in the construction of refrigeration engineering. Double temperature cold storage building, the hotel is widely used for food and medicine, tea, medicine, medical equipment, pharmaceutical factory, blood center, epidemic prevention station, chemical raw materials, meat processing plant, dairy factory, ice cream factory, frozen food factory, electronic chemical industry, fruits and vegetables, vegetable processing, frozen food, processing, fans flower preservation, preservation of tea processing, seed storage, edible vegetable cultivation, farmers market, seafood and meat products wholesale company fresh frozen.

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