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Congratulations On Grand Opening Of HaoCool New Headquarter Office
May 18, 2018

       May 18th 2018 , as new summer booming time goes, HaoCool group is moving to new headquarter site. Through ages of hardships and development, HaoCool group has grown to be one of the leading cold storage contractor and refrigeration related service and food trade conglomerate.

       On ten o`clock 8 minutes exactly, May 18th, 2018, the ribbon-cutting ceremony, directed by haocool founder and chairman Mr. Li Yong together with 8 sub companies managers, marks the official opening of a newly-constructed headquarter location. 


        The new site is located at 5th building, No. 499 Minqiang road, Xinqiao town, Songjiang district, Shanghai. The office environment is elegant and green, office equipment is brandnew and based on the upgrade of new environment and facilities, HaoCool group service will surely upgrades to a new height.

        Established on 18th May, 2009 as the start of serving refrigeration market, HaoCool has undergone nearly a decade rapid development. Through hardships and development, HaoCool group has grown form a humble startup company to today`s group comprised of 8 sub companies covering major parts of China and Uzbekistan. The group has also invested 3 own cold storage warehouse, various refrigeration service companies as well as food trade company. HaoCool`s served cold storage engineering and food trade has nationwide coverage and worldwide in the process.


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        Reflecting on past, HaoCool group has been dedicated path breaker in refrigeration. Keeping abreast of times and market upgrading, HaoCool continues to meet market needs, and tap into new business field. Starting from cold storage, HaoCool has entered into cold storage rental, raw fresh food, worldwide specialty food trade and more business sectors to come. Haocool chairman Mr. Li Yong said that HaoCool will take this opportunity of new headquarter office, HaoCool will hold on tightly to the mindset of quality continual improvement, efficiency enhancement, ushering in new business, shoulder responsibility and work hard heart and soul to bring HaoCool on the fast track of further development.

        May 18th, 2018 is a memorable date for HaoCool group. From this day on, HaoCool group will embark on new journey in brand-new stance and in the new office building, based on core technology and premium service, positively usher in wider service area and secure brighter future and development.

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