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Cold Storage Installation Rules
Apr 26, 2017

The assembly by the library library body, door, ceiling fan, electrical components and accessories etc..

Body of Library

The bottom of the reservoir is composed of a bottom plate, a bottom plate, a wall plate and a top plate.

The bottom of the base plate is installed on the flat floor, the main function is to adjust the level of the floor, ventilation and moisture-proof, anti-corrosion rust.

The bottom plate and the wall board of the storehouse body are assembled by different standard library boards, and the base plate is connected by a hook. The floor by floor, floor in the convex and concave side of bottom plate.

The composition and floor roof similar by convex roof, roof and roof composed of concave edge.

Two types of wall panels are divided into exterior wall and inner wall. From the angle of exterior wall panels, wall panels, wall panels, double concave convex concave convex wall.

The corner plate is located at the four corners of the reservoir, and each of the complete cold storage has four corners.

Do not install the doors on each side wall will have a double wall, the concave wall.

A partition is used to separate a library into two compartments for different food reserves.

Two, ceiling fan expansion valve has been installed in the fan, the scene just adjust the temperature of the location of the package and its heat.

There are two kinds of fans: low temperature fan (with defrosting heater) and high temperature fan (NATURAL defrosting). The ceiling fan assembly comprises a fan mounting plate, a bolt, a water heating wire, etc..

Three, electrical components

The electrical system of the assembled cold storage is composed of the cold storage lighting, the anti freezing heater, the anti freezing heater, the control system and the temperature control system:

Cold storage lighting is composed of moisture-proof lamps, lighting switches, 220/36 transformer:

The transformer provides a safe and stable 36V power supply for the cold storage lighting, the door anti freezing heater and the anti freezing heater.

Note: if the user requests the cold storage lighting with the indicator light, the lighting will be ~ 220V lighting system

Door antifreeze heater, water heater:

1, the door is the door to prevent freezing heater at low temperature and cold storage frozen together cannot open.

2, the water heater is to prevent frost thawing water in the water pipe frozen, so that the water can not be discharged cream.

Under normal circumstances, low temperature cold storage prone to freezing phenomenon, the use of heating wire. The middle temperature cold storage generally do not need.

Ceiling fan

1, the fan is used to force the heat exchange. Generally, it is controlled by a temperature limiting switch to ensure that the evaporator starts to operate at a certain temperature. At the same time, it is linked with the defrosting control to ensure that the fan stops running.

2, defrosting heater is used in addition to the ceiling fan evaporator on the junction of frost, thereby improving the efficiency of heat exchange. It is controlled by defrosting time controller. The mode of termination is the temperature termination mode controlled by the defrosting temperature limiting switch and the time end mode controlled by the defrosting time controller.

There are some special cold storage, need to use special accessories to strengthen and improve the structure of cold storage.

Cold storage should be installed according to the following steps: Library - Fan - refrigeration system - electrical systems - complete

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