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Cold Storage Health Management Knowledge
Apr 26, 2017

In the process of using cold storage, it is necessary to do a good job in the management of cold storage. However, in the process of cold storage health management, but also need to pay attention to what matters?

For those stored objects, it is best to place on some clean template above, and the distance between the stacked objects, it is best to control more than 0.2cm. Only in this way can we effectively ensure the circulation of air. If it is stacked directly on the ground, or all of the close together, are very easy to produce the situation of micro-organisms.

In addition, Xuehu cold storage installation staff also stressed here, in order to effectively guarantee the service life of the cold, in the process of stacking of goods, can not be close to the wall, or pipe to pile work. In addition, in the actual use of the process, it is best to do a good job cold rat, eliminate odor work. Otherwise, it is normal for our use, has a very big impact.

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