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Cold Storage And Cold Storage Maintenance Knowledge
Apr 26, 2017

Cold storage maintenance

First, after the installation of cold storage or long term use again after stopping, the cooling rate should be reasonable: every day at 8-10 C is appropriate, at 0 DEG C should be maintained for a period of time.

Two, cold storage board maintenance, attention should be paid to the use of hard objects to the library body collision and scratch. Because of the depression and corrosion of the reservoir, the local thermal insulation performance of the reservoir will be reduced.

Three, cold sealing parts and maintenance, because the assembly refrigerator is composed of a plurality of insulation board together, so there is a certain gap between the board, in the construction of these cracks will be sealed with sealant, to prevent air and water into the. Therefore, in the use of some of the sealing failure of the timely repair parts.

Four, cold ground maintenance, small refrigeratory assembled floor insulation board, cold storage should be to prevent the ground there are a lot of ice and water, if there is ice, cleaning must not use rigid thing.no, damage to the floor.

Maintenance of cold storage

Sterilization and disinfection of cold storage

Cold storage of cooking materials and foods contain a certain amount of fat, protein and starch. The presence of these nutrients will cause the mold and bacteria to multiply and grow.

To do that cold health management, ensure food and cooking raw food quality, to regularly carry out cold disinfection.

Cold storage in addition to mold mildew and disinfection, can be used acid disinfectant. The bactericidal effect of acid disinfectant is mainly the protein in the solidified bacteria. Some disinfectants are lactic acid, peracetic acid, bleaching powder, Faure Marin, etc..

Two, cold storage method to eliminate odor

1, cold storage in the odor

The smell of cooking materials, namely cold storage and food under the influence of external factors, the change of physical chemistry, produces an abnormal smell, the smell will adhere to after a considerable period of time, the cold walls, ceiling and equipment and tools.

Cold storage odor, generally speaking, there are several reasons:

1) there is a peculiar smell in the cold storage before entering the food.

2) before entering the cold storage food spoilage phenomenon, such as deterioration of eggs, meat, fish, etc..

3) stored in cold storage of fish, without cleaning that is stored meat, eggs, or fruits and vegetables and other food, resulting in odor infection and deterioration.

4 cold storage ventilation is poor, temperature, humidity is too large, resulting in a large number of mold reproduction, resulting in musty odor.

5) cold storage refrigeration pipeline leakage, refrigerant (ammonia) erosion to the food causing odor.

6) the cold storage temperature does not drop, resulting in deterioration of corruption tainted meat flavor. This situation occurs in the fresh meat is not frozen, frozen storage that is transferred to the library.

7) there is a cold storage in the food of different smell, which causes the mutual infection.

2, to prevent cold storage odor generated method

1 cold storage of food, must be tested, no deterioration can be stored in storage.

2 cold storage warehouse in the purchase before the odor can not exist. If there is odor, must go through the technical treatment, eliminate odor can be used before.

3) usually to strengthen the maintenance of refrigeration equipment, is strictly prohibited. Unloading, prevent pipeline leakage caused by refrigerant so smashed.

4 in the process of cold food processing, must make the cold storage warehouse to maintain a certain temperature, shall not be frozen food transfer or storage. If the cold storage warehouse temperature can not fall down, should find out the reasons for food processing to be excluded.

Cold storage should not be stored in mixed infection of food.

3, cold storage odor removal method

1) ozone method. Ozone has a strong oxidation, not only can eliminate cold storage warehouse odor, but also to prevent microbial growth. The ozone generator can be used to eliminate peculiar smell in warehouse.

If the cold storage containing more fat food, can not use ozone treatment, so as to avoid fat oxidation and rancidity phenomenon.

2) formaldehyde method. The cold storage of the goods out of the warehouse, with 2% formaldehyde aqueous solution (that is, formalin solution) disinfection and odor removal.

3) vinegar method. A cold storage warehouse filled with fish. Not suitable for other food, must be thoroughly cleaned to remove fishy smell can be loaded into other foods. The general method to remove the fishy smell is to use vinegar.

The specific method is: fish out of cold storage after the frost layer evaporation tube group on clean, and keep warehouse temperature below 50 DEG C, and then press the refrigerated storage for every cubic meter volume weight 50 to 100 grams of vinegar prepared by spray spray to the library, the warehouse door closed tight, desultory ground start the blower, let the flow in the reservoir and volatilization of vinegar, vinegar to absorb a large number of fish. Usually after about 4 to 24 hours after the open refrigerator doors, continuous blast hours can be blown out outside the vinegar.

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