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Cold Storage
Apr 26, 2017

Cold storage is the storage of chilled and frozen foods at different temperatures for short or long term storage. Mainly suitable for meat, aquatic products and other food storage. In general, there is a demand for this kind of food, in order to maintain the temperature of the storage. Because the temperature drops below -15 C, the food freezing rate is high, the microorganism and the enzyme basically stop the activity, the growth, the oxidation is also very slow. Therefore, the food can be stored for a long time, and has a good quality of refrigeration. In addition, the frozen food is also required to be relatively stable temperature inside the library, excessive temperature fluctuations will cause food spoilage.

Gao Xiang cold storage performance characteristics:

1, environmental fluorine refrigerant, environmental protection

2, natural convection and forced convection heat dissipation, to prevent the condensation of dirty plug burning compressor

3, the library body material (color steel plate, steel plate, embossed aluminum plate, stainless steel plate), to meet the needs of different industries

4, imported famous brand compressor, scroll refrigeration, piston refrigeration, screw refrigeration

5, intelligent temperature control system: automatic start and stop compressor, air cooler, automatic frost

6, a variety of fault alarm: over the set temperature, sensor failure, low voltage, lack of equal

7, a variety of protection functions: boot delay protection, compressor overheating protection, compressor overload protection, evaporator overload protection, high pressure protection of the condensate, suction pressure is too low protection

8, equipped with antifreeze internal pressure balance

9, optional temperature recorder, remote network control and remote alarm function

How to determine the temperature of cold storage

First of all, to determine what food storage, storage, how long these two important points. Such as meat stored at -18 DEG C in cold storage, can be stored for 4~6 months storage at -23 deg.c for cold storage, can be stored for 8~12 months, if the meat does not need 8~12 months of storage, and only 4~6 months of storage, you can store the meat 8~12 spent months of money for equipment to store 4~6 a month of meat, will lose a lot of money and after a one-time investment in operation cost, so The loss outweighs the gain..

General professional cold storage, such as wholesale meat, temperature can be set at -15 ~-18 DEG C, the general non professional cold storage, such as canteen, shops, do not need to be stored for a long time. Generally set at -15 DEG C.

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