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Work flow procedures of constructing a cold storage
Apr 19, 2018

The work flow procedures of construction of cold storage is dependent on cold storage design. Cold storage is a combination of several precision components. Major ones are as follows: cold storage panels, refrigeration machinery, cold storage doors etc.. HaoCool is one of the leading brands in cold storage construction and has profound knowhow in the installment of cold storage. 


    the concrete procedures of cold storage construction:

  1. Preparation work.

    Prepare well the planning of cold storage, the construction site and material, which is mostly customized according to customer needs, sort out the conforming construction site and deliver material in time, double-check the material quality and model, when all is done we can start installment work.

2.Installment of cold storage structure.  

The cold storage structure can be classified as large scale cold storage and small scale cold storage. Small scale is done by assembly of insulation panels, while large scale ones in made by civil works combined with assembly. The whole structure and cold storage body shall look neat, flat, firm and durable, the weight resistance, frost resistance, waterproofness etc. shall be in conformity with engineering requirements.

3.Refrigeration machinery mounting.  

The cold storage refrigeration system includes the evaporators and outdoor refrigeration units. All machinery installment shall agree with the specification and equipped with related protection means.

4.Electric control system installment. 

The cold storage electric control system mainly includes the controller, electric door system, lighting etc. and the like electric devices. The power shall be stable 3 phase 4 wire, independently powered or supplemented by back up power. Wiring shall be in order and neat and has protective means.


5.Connection of refrigeration system. 

Using standard wire, copper tube to connect the refrigeration units, electric control system etc...  The connecting pipework shall be linked firmly and with insulation and protection means.

 6.Commissioning and fine-tuning of cold storage. 

When all components of cold storage are installed and connected well, we can start and test. According to customers’ requirement, adjust the cold storage to designated temperature, the temperature lowering speed and running of cold storage equipment is normal, then the cold storage can be handed over for customer use. The cold storage contractor shall also provide cold storage usage and management training to the customer as well as after-sales service.

     the maintenance and daily operation of cold storage:

    1.When the cold storage and refrigeration equipment installment is over or not used for a long time and will use again, a thorough checking is necessary. Only when all parameters are normal, under the guidance of technicians can start usage.

    2.Insulation protection. In use, pay attention to avoid any collision and  scratch to cold storage, this is because the caused dent and rusting can severely damaging the insulation property locally.

    3.Sealing protection. Because the assembly of cold storage is made up of insulation panels, the panels in-between has some gap. In construction, use sealant to seal the gap to prevent air and water entering. So in use, if gap is found, apply sealant also.

    4. Floor protection: generally small scale assembly cold storage panels, we shall prevent having large amount of ice and water on the floor. If does, clean right away in a manner not damaging the floor.

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