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The main factors determining the quality of cold storage
Apr 26, 2017

1, cold space volume

The size of cold storage should be based on the highest amount of agricultural products to be stored. This capacity is calculated according to the volume occupied by the storage products in the cold storage and the space between the stack and the walls, ceilings, and the spaces between them. Determine the capacity, then determine the length and height of the cold storage. Cold storage design should also consider the necessary ancillary buildings and facilities, such as the work room, packing room, tool library and loading and unloading platform, so cold storage quality can be guaranteed.

2, the choice of heat insulation material and the relationship between laying and cold storage

Cold insulation material selection must be adapted to local conditions, not only have a good thermal insulation performance, but also economical and practical. Insulation materials of several types, one is processed into a fixed shape and specifications of the plate length, width and thickness are fixed, select the appropriate specifications of the plate according to the need of Refrigeratory library body installation, high temperature, cold storage is generally 10 cm thick base plate, cold storage and freezing cold generally used 12 cm or 15 cm thick plate; another can use spray polyurethane foam, the material is sprayed directly into the already built brick or concrete warehouse, setting both waterproof and heat insulation. Thermal insulation plate has polyurethane, polystyrene, etc.. Polyurethane does not absorb water, heat insulation is good, but the cost is high; polystyrene water absorption, thermal insulation is poor, but the cost is low. The structure of the modern cold storage is developing in the form of assembly, including the damp proof layer and the thermal insulation layer, so that it can be assembled on site. The advantage is that the construction is convenient, fast and mobile, but the cost is relatively high.

3, the choice of refrigeration system is very important to the quality of cold storage

The selection of cold storage refrigeration system is mainly the selection of compressor and evaporator.

Refrigeration system is the core of cold storage, mainly by the compression system, condensation system, evaporation system and control valve of four major components, in addition to fans, ducts and instruments and other accessories. The whole refrigeration system is a closed loop, the refrigerant circulating in the sealing system, according to the need to control the supply and the number of times into the evaporator, in order to obtain the appropriate low temperature conditions. The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system, which promotes the circulation of refrigerant in the system. The role is to exclude the compressed gaseous refrigerant in the heat, which condenses into liquid refrigerant; cooling condenser with air cooling, water cooling, air and water with three kinds of air cooling is only used for small cold storage refrigeration equipment. The role is to provide cooling evaporator to refrigerator evaporator is installed in the refrigerator, the air will cool air blows all parts in the library, a large cold common duct connected with the evaporator, prolong the air distance, the temperature drop is more uniform.

Under normal circumstances, the use of small refrigerator full closed compressor. Because closed compressor power is small, the price is relatively cheap; cold storage is generally used in semi hermetic compressor; large refrigerator using semi hermetic compressor, in the selection, also consider the use of ammonia refrigeration compressor, because ammonia refrigeration compressor power, and the use of a machine, but the relatively cumbersome installation and management. In the selection of cold storage evaporator, high temperature refrigerator to choose cooling fan for an evaporator, which is characterized by fast cooling, but it is likely to cause the loss of cold water collection; in cold storage, selection of seamless steel tube is made of evaporative emission control, which is characterized by constant temperature effect, and the timely storage.

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