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Temperature controller energy-saving upgrading
Feb 08, 2018


    The power consumption of cold storage has caught wide concern, no one can neglect, the nation and world has advocated environmental protection and energy-saving, especially in industrial arena, and through the hundreds` years of modern refrigeration development, the increasement of cold storage has been a two-sided sword, if not balance the energy-saving and environmental protection, even though we enjoy the convenience it brings, we also suffer the destruction of environmental pollution.

     energy-saving should be priority for cold storage

    When cold storage is put into operation, daily power consumption is quite much and has been the biggest factor of cold storage power consumption. So how to control the cold storage power consumption and decrease the power consumption and load of units, has long been caught attention by the cold storage owners and been the focus of cold storage engineering company during the initial planning stage.

    Energy-saving technology has been upgrading constantly, so does the cold storage technology. However, the basic energy-saving mode can not fundamentally solve the high power consumption issue.


    cold storage Tiered pricing for electricity

    The industrial and family electricity has introduced tiered pricing for electricity, so the entities can use this to save cost avoiding the peak high price.

    But whether cold storage can be realized this way?

    Haocool refrigeration has analysed the cold storage operation habits, running power consumption and found that the controlled time range brings extra human and labor cost to manage the running of units.

    Use intelligence feature to replace human is the theme of modern industrial revolution and refrigeration. Based on usage of cold storage, integrate the temperature controller and Internet, by time ranging controll, we can realize the reasonable usage of electricity and distribution at off peak time. Said Mr. Chen of HaoCool refrigeration.

    Data collected by intelligent temperature controller

    The normal temperature controller merely controlls the compressor, haocool even integrate the internet managenment to the temperature controller, realizing the controllable running, stop, cycled running of compressor even in case of cold storage temperature sensor is down. Chen has shown us the related data.


    By utilizing the temperature controller to regulate the cold storage power consumption, ensure functioning of compressor in off-peak hours and avoid the high cost and load in peak hours, decrease electricity bills and human labour thus costs are saved considerably.

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