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Shanghai Vegetable cold storage construction company
Apr 23, 2018

As to Shanghai vegetable cold storage construction company, please consult HaoCool, with decades’ cold storage design/build experience, can provide customers cost effective vegetable cold storage solutions. Welcome to contact Haocool for advice.

    procedures of vegetable cold storage design

    1.  Cold storage site location and preparation.  According to the characteristics of cold storage, it can be classified into distribution, wholesaling, production cold storages. The production cold storage is in the area of rich raw material. Taking into account of transportation convenience and distance to supply and consumption, the location of cold storage shall be free from direct sunshine and be in shades.

    2.  The volume of cold storage, the size of cold storage is designed as per the quantity stored, vegetable cold storage generally amount to 5-6 cubic meters one ton. And this is related to the stacking methods also.

    3.  selection of cold storage insulation

Cold storage insulation material selection shall be done according to concrete conditions and requirements.

It shall not only have good insulation property but economic. High and medium temperature application is 100mm panel, low temperature is 120mm or 150mm panels. Or spray foaming directly onto the bricks or warehouse structures of the cold storage to be built.

    4. selection of vegetable cold storage refrigeration system

Cold storage refrigeration system is selected based on the cold storage refrigeration capacity needs. Medium sized cold storage use half hermetic compressor and small sized use full hermetic compressor.

    some of the projects haocool has completed.

    1.Rui`an Qianshun cauliflower cold storage

   This is a 1000 cubic meter cold storage with temperature set at 0-5℃ used for cauliflower storage.


    2. CA grapes cold storage in inner Mongolia

    CA grapes cold storage 300 ton capacity, for one of the 42 grapes productions bases, with annual production as to 500 thousand kilograms.


    3. Jihong vegetable distribution cold storage

    Jihong cold storage is located in Huaxin town, Qingpu district, Shanghai with a 2700 cubic meter fruit and vegetable cold storage capacity.


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