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Shanghai fresh-keeping cold storage installation-fresh-keeping cold storage machinery selection
Apr 23, 2018

How much does a fresh-keeping cold storage cost, it is dependent on the cold storage required parameters? The temperature range is about 0-5℃, used to store vegetable, fruit, beverage etc.. the fresh-keeping cold storage cost is related to the scale of cold storage construction.

Haocool refrigeration is a professional fresh-keeping cold storage installament and design company, it provides solutions for thousands of customers.


    selection of fresh-keeping cold storage machinery

    1. the selection of cold storage insulation material

    The priority is insulation panel, dual side color steel PU 100mm cold storage panel, which is light-weight, neat looking. If you have your own house, you can also use spray PU for insulation, not as neat looking as panels but the effect is similar. 

    2.selection of refrigeration equipment

    We suggest full hermetic refrigeration equipment for 100 cubic meters or less this kind of fresh-keeping cold storage. The outside equipment is inside the iron plate and can reduce the pollution and running noise. If the inside equipment is Copeland or similar , the refrigeration will be great.

    3.selection of inside air cooler

Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping cold storage, because the temperature is above 0℃,we suggest air cooler rather other the tube type evaporators.库房内景(6)


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