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Refrigeration and fresh-keeping mechanical refrigeration technology of aquatic products stored in cold storage
Apr 26, 2017

Using the method of mechanical refrigeration, the aquatic products were put into the cold storage. Cold storage temperature requirements in the 0 ~ 5 degrees, relative humidity of air is from 95% to 100%. Fresh frozen aquatic products, should be fully washed before storage, wash the surface of bloody dirt, then according to different types and different freshness preservation respectively. The key of preservation is the control of temperature and humidity. Refrigerated fresh ice preservation period is long, but the water surface of the product easy to dry metamorphism, such as the use of refrigeration with ice storage method, adding a small amount of ice in the freezer, can not only prevent drying, can make the preservation period extended, usually lasts about 1 months. Cold preservation in addition to the cold storage on the cold storage, sea operations can also be used to cool sea water preservation. The sea water is cooled by a mechanical refrigeration device and crushed ice, and the captured aquatic products are directly placed in the cooled seawater tank for preservation. This method can reduce the storage temperature to 0 DEG C to -1 DEG C, preserved for a period of 10 to 14 days, compared with freezing preservation, low temperature, long duration, good quality products, but the water brackish, need to rinse after eating.

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