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Raw material cold storage construction cost?
Apr 25, 2018

As to raw material cold storage cost, it depends on what raw material you store, the required temperature, standards to abide by. If chemical raw material, it need explosion-proof cold storage.

    concrete details for chemical raw material cold storage.

    1.good safety 

Use fireproof floor etc. safety technology, meantime use multi surveillance protection technology for pressure and temperature. Microwatt wiring control safety, much safer than traditional technology. 

    2.perfect alarm system

    Users can select the upper and lower limits of temperature alarm system, surface temperature limits, abnormal emergency or stop when leakage is detected.

    3.flexible configuration

Raw material cold storage is composed of explosion technology, using assembly structure or container structure, can customize the cold storage coverage area, machinery quantity and installment means and accessories. So it is widely applied, easy for disassembly, moving, volume increasing etc… the common types are assembly and container type.

The above are the general requirements, and of course the safety production is not wholly dependent on raw material cold storage, but the caution and care taken into every processes.


explosion-proof air cooler


explosion-proof air cooler


    some of the latest raw material cold storage HaoCool has built:

    1.Henkel chemical explosion-proof cold storage <http://www.kvjv.com/case/show-113.html>


    2.fortune 500 AUO (AU Optronics Corporation) semiconductor raw material cold storage <http://www.kvjv.com/case/show-101.html>


    3.Tosoh Shanghai heating explosion-proof cold storage <http://www.kvjv.com/case/show-148.html> 


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