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How to operate before sending fruit to cold storage and after delivery as well
Mar 02, 2018

    procedures before entering fruit cold storage

    1. sorting before entering: the fruit must undergo sorting procedure before put into cold storage. Keep away those rotten, bruised fruit to avoid large amout loss. Fruit size should be even and normal as well.

    2. When put into cold storage, regular maitenance of cold storage is necessary, check the temperature and humidty inside and keep away NG fruit to avoid impact to other fruit and greater loss.


    When finishing cold storage of fruit, 3 jobs should be done as follows:

    (1)Clean the cold storage

    (2)Disinfection and sterilization.  Apply sulfur dioxide, each 100 cubic meters use 3 kilos sulfur, add some wood chips to make some smoke, seal for 2 days and open for ventilation then. Alternative is to Formalin containing 40% formaldehyde, add 40 times quantity of water, resulting in 1% agent and spary over the cold storage walls and floor. After 24 hours sealling then open for ventilation.

    (3)After cleanning ,disinfection,sealing of doors and windows and ventilation holes, avoid external heat entering cold storage, keep the low temperature inside cold storage and make ready for next storage usage.


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