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Introduction to experimental cold storage
Apr 26, 2017

The rigid polyurethane thermal insulation sandwich board which is made up of color steel plate, stainless steel plate, embossed aluminum plate and different steel plate is used in the internal and external of the cold storage warehouse. T plate, wall panels, corner board combined cold storage can be assembled in any space, but also can be made into various lengths, specifications, to meet the different requirements of users. The door lock is provided with a safety lock off device, even if the door lock can open the database, effectively guarantee the safety of operators.

Refrigeration equipment energy saving and environmental protection

The cold storage unit with evaporative condenser configuration or the parallel unit is equipped with a large distance of air cooler and energy saving refrigeration accessories, the automatic defrosting unit has high energy efficiency ratio, strong cooling capacity, low noise, safe and reliable. The radiator with high efficiency cooling condenser, the external rotor motor with low noise, can effectively dissipate heat, the pressure in the extreme environment of high temperature to maintain the normal values, the refrigeration unit of effective cooling effect, energy saving and environmental protection in cold storage evaporator with high ceiling fan, low noise, large refrigerating capacity, automatic defrosting.

Computer intelligent control system

The cold storage refrigeration control system adopts PC automatic microcomputer control technology, computer intelligent temperature control, temperature and humidity recorder high precision temperature sensor (with alarm device); temperature setting database; automatic constant temperature, automatic switch machine, without manual operation, digital temperature display, to ensure the safe storage of goods in the library.


1, unique refrigeration system, so that the library body, refrigeration equipment and electrical control with the best energy-saving;

2, the experimental cold storage using the most advanced thermal insulation materials such as polyurethane core composite board, professional technology and excellent selection, to ensure that the system is more reliable;

3, advanced gas control device and gas detection and analysis instrument, the maximum limit to ensure the best gas composition in the library;

4, the experimental cold storage combined library board all according to the set connection mechanism prefabricated, site construction is particularly convenient.

5, the cold storage siding with internal embedded buckle type connection, disassembly and assembly to enable convenient transportation, short time, cold storage installation time is short, library body according to user needs can be freely combined, separated or increase and decrease.

6, the professional construction team, each construction personnel have a long experience in the construction of refrigeration engineering, through rigorous job training, certification.


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