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How to use cold storage to decrease vegetable loss?
Apr 20, 2018

Loss is a common problem in the process of harvest, storage, transport and selling for vegetables. So how to avoid loss at most.

 precooling in prechecking

 first we take a look at the main reasons for loss of vegetables

1.Microorganism pollution.  Mainly caused by fungi and bacteria, which is brought from field, such as the potato late blight, carrot crown rot, radish black rot, the affected vegetable will be rampant to affect others. Some microorganism will harm vegetable in storage and transport and selling, causing mold, rot, stinking

2.Vegetable bio reaction: several time after harvest of vegetable, there is still respiration and other life activity, which also affect the quality of vegetable. 

3.Mechanical damage:  vegetable features freshness and crispness. When pressed and collided, it will cause break, bruise, fracture, stinging etc.. which lost commercial and edible value almost. And the less bruised vegetable is prone to bacteria and cause rot and thus heavier loss.

Thus in the work flow, if no action is taken to deal with it, it will badly affect the whole quality.


  next is the precooling!

  Precooling is very important to vegetable and mushroom.

  Vegetable if undergone precooling can prevent various diseases and decrease respiration effect against the vegetable. According to statistics, the precooled vegetable will have 40-50% at least less loss than not precooled ones. Moreover, it lasts longer and with better quality.

  storage- fresh-keeping cold storage

Fresh-keeping cold storage is by far a very effective common vegetable fresh-keeping equipment, a reasonably planned, well quality vegetable cold storage, is very important to stretch vegetable fresh-keeping duration and shelf life, good for off peak selling, avoid diseases and depreciation.

  haocool can build various kinds of vegetable and fruit cold storage:

Vegetable fresh-keeping cold storage, CA storage, precooling room, blast freezer(used to make blast freezing vegetable) etc…

Haocool refrigeration reference: Mizhiyuan CA cold storage, Xijiao international cold storage, Jihong vegetable distribution cold storage etc…

  fresh-keeping Show case used in retailing and supermarket

In end selling of vegetable, it not only has fresh-keeping capability and also act as display means. Haocool is strict in refrigeration sectors and can also give customers a good planning and configuration to ensure maximum performance of equipment.

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