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How much to invest a 5000ton fruit and vegetable controlled atmosphere cold storage project?
Apr 26, 2018

    How much does a 5000ton fruit and vegetable controlled atmosphere cold storage project cost? Firstly we need to make sure how it will be partitioned, what fruit and vegetable to be stored, the cost of CA equipment. Because different fruit and vegetable CA parameters differ, so does the selection of CA equipment.

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    5000ton fruit and vegetable controlled atmosphere cold storage cost factors:

    1.cold storage parts

Cold storage cost is around 4-5 million RMB yuan, accurate offer varies as per the cold storage planning.

    2.controlled atmosphere equipment cost

    controlled atmosphere equipment cost is around 1.5-2 million RMB yuan, as different fruit and vegetable has different parameters and requirements.


    principles of CA storage

Establish a designated temperature, oxygen content, carbon dioxide content, ethylene content and relative humidity storage environment, which can maintain fruit and vegetable life function and also effectively affect the respiration, evaporation, microorganism function of fruit and vegetable to lengthen the metabolism of fruit and vegetable and put off ripening and prevent rotting.

    controlled atmosphere methods:

    natural lowering oxygen content: depend on self-respiration and takes longer time

Mechanical lowering oxygen content: fill nitrogen and lower oxygen content, decrease air density.

    CA storage conditions: 

CA storage and fresh-keeping technical conditions are to ensure the stored commodity quality, maintain the reasonable proportion of gas content inside. If technical conditions are not conforming it will badly affect the stored fruit and vegetable. If lower oxygen content it may cause black rotting problems. If oxygen content is lower than 1%, due to fermentation, the fruit and vegetable will lose original flavor.



    notes need to be taken care when CA Storage:

    1、not all fruit and vegetable are suitable for CA storage;

    2、Those to be put into CA storage must be high quality commodity

    3、it is very strict for CA storage controlling points;

    4、CA combing with cold storage in harmony

    5、CA storage shall be built in production site, free from pollution.

    6、CA storage shall be equipped with ethylene suction device

    7、a strong technical support system shall be in place

    CA storage main performance index

    1、storage inside temperature: -2℃~15℃ adjustable

    2、 relative humidity: RH75-95% adjustable 

    3、oxygen content(O): 1-10% adjustable

    4、carbon dioxide(CO2 ) 1%~10%adjustable

    5、ethylene content: lower than 10ppm

    6、airtightness index(china standard): limit pressure 10mm waterspout, 10 minutes later residue water spout not less than 5mm 

    7、airtightness index(foreign standard): limit pressure 25mm waterspout, 30 minutes later residue water spout not less than 8mm

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