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How much does it cost to build a 80 square meter cold storage
Apr 24, 2018

How much cost it will be to build an 80 square meter cold storage? Usually it takes 20-25 k usd. But it is also dependent on the type, height, required temperature of cold storage to decide. The common types of cold storage is food, pharmaceutical, explosion-proof cold storage etc… different kinds of cold storage has different cold storage solutions. For example, the pharmaceutical cold storage is one acting system one spare system, GSP conforming.

    notes that need to be taken into account when build a cold storage.

    1.Hot months average dry bulb temperature, yearly average dry bulb temperature and historical dry bulb temperature

    2.Hot months average wet bulb temperature, yearly average wet bulb temperature and historical wet bulb temperature

    3.Cold months average dry bulb temperature and historical low dry bulb temperature

    4.Cold months average RH or historical low RH.

    5.Historical wind, rainfall, snow data as detailed as possible

    6.Sunshine and radiation strength.

    7.Fountain water and underground water data

    8.Air cleanness data and pollutants data.

    9.Earthquake historical data and forecast.

    10.Earth data

    11.Local food regulations and safety and fire protection regulations.

    12.Local working and human rights regulations.

    13.The construction company must abide by the local laws and regulations.

    14.  Nearby or similar national standard of cold storage and local regulations.

    15.The trade treaty for the cold storage position it is fall into, national or local standards.


    notes in cold storage construction:

    1.Design files shall be complete, accurate, and conforming.

    2.Whether need quality supervision to conduct quality control at construction.

    3.Engineering change notes confirmed and made effective.

    4.Whether feasible or reasonable for unseen engineering checking for approval.

    5.Controlling of quality key points for cold storage structure and construction.

    6.Controlling of quality key points for refrigeration machinery.

    7.Controlling of quality key points for electrical control system.

    8.Controlling of quality key points for drainage and accessory facilities and utilities.

    9.Whether the quality control records and data are comprehensive, authentic and effective.


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