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How much does it cost to build a meat cold storage?
Apr 18, 2018

Meat cold storage is dependent on cold storage size, temperature range requirement, and location, meantime also related to the requirements of refrigeration equipment configuration, brands, insulation panels etc. for an accurate quote.

So the more details a customer can make clear to haocool, the more accurate quote it will be. To build a 40 square meter cold storage, namely about 100 cubic meters cold storage, the cost is about 50-70 thousand RMB yuan.


   characteristics of meat cold storage made by haocool

    1.good insulation property

Meat cold storage utilize the advanced composite material as insulation to make composite wall. Light-weight , high strength, good insulation ,anti-aging, nonpoisonous non mould, good performance even in ultralow temperature.

2.  Meat cold storage use color steel or stainless steel. Nonpoisonous no ordor, rustless, reduce the heat transfer and improve the efficiency of refrigeration system and conform with national hygiene standard

3.  Refrigeration equipment is energy-saving, low noise. Imported brands compressor has less power consumption and lower noise.

4.  Microcomputer fully automatic display control panel, automatic temperate stability control, no manned processing in meat cold storage.


For  customer, who want to invest in build meat cold storage, what shall be taken into consideration before design/build.

1、Location of cold storage. It shall be located far from residential areas, in a open place, moreover, the local climate is also important. It shall be well prepared before construction.

2、cold storage design temperature is based on customer demand, as per daily production and processing quantity to configure the refrigeration equipment units wisely.

3、Cold storage equipment brands, the brands are an important factor deciding the cost of cold storage. Haocool suggest choosing famous brands for safety and free of trouble instead of choosing cheap ones.

4、 At design stage shall take the afterwards operation and maintenance cost to facilitate usage for customers.

5、There shall be a good drainage system around the cold storage, the groundwater level shall be low, keeping cold storage dry is important.

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