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Fruit fresh-keeping cold storage installation
May 07, 2018

       Fruit fresh-keeping cold storage installation is kind of technical job, right? 

       It has a lot of knowhow, if you want to build one, you must have a general understanding of cold storage and then you can choose a reliable installation company.

What is the purpose of fruit fresh-keeping cold storage?  What is the meaning of cold storage installation?

        The purpose of fruit fresh-keeping cold storage is put food with sensitive low temperature needs into a controlled environment suitable for its long preservation.

         How can fruit cold storage keep them fresh?

When the temperature drops below some temperature, fruit inside microorganism and enzyme stops growth activity and its oxidization is very slow. It is just through controlling temperature to get the fresh-keeping effect.

And if the installation quality for fruit fresh-keeping cold storage is well, the fruit can be kept longer in well freshness.

         Temperature is important factor for fresh-keeping cold storage installation.

Fruit fresh-keeping cold storage require inside temperature stable without big fluctuation cause big fluctuation of temperature may damage food quality and incur rotting. 

       What needs to be done before put fruit into cold storage when installation is completed?

  It need disinfection.

  How to disinfect fruit fresh-keeping cold storage?

After installation of fruit fresh-keeping cold storage, personnel need sulfur to disinfect.  Generally one kilogram sulfur can be used for 100㎡ cold storage, light the sulfur and don`t open the doors and windows for 2 days.

       When the fruit enter the fruit fresh-keeping cold storage, personnel had better not put too much fruit into cold storage once, daily input should be less than 10% of total refrigeration capacity.

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