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Frozen fish cold storage
May 07, 2018

        Frozen fish cold storage is one kind of freezing cold storage, the temperature can be low as -18℃, it can not only store fish products, but also applies to shellfish, shrimp, poultry and alike meat. 

        General frozen fish cold storage, are equipped with low temperature loading and unloading room and precooling facility, making the cold chain possible. For example, a refrigerated vehicle load of fish before put into the cold storage, need to be unloaded in the unloading room which should be with low temperature. When unloaded, if the fish is fresh, it need fast precooling before put into cold storage.


        Fast precooling is an indispensable part of the cold chain.

        Precooling can let fish surface temperature cooled to required temperature then put into freezer room, so it is good for cold storage usage and maintenance and be time-saving and energy-saving.

        Haocool hereby suggest all frozen fish cold storage managers that frozen fish and meat cannot put into air cooler evaporators cold storage but tube type evaporators because that will lead to dehydrated frozen products.

        Haocool refrigeration has rich experience and reference in frozen fish cold storage and can meet various fish products` requirements. And there are many types of cold storage for frozen fish too, besides the normal ones, some sensitive deep-sea fish like tuna which need -60℃ for storage. While some other fish need -35℃.


Haocool refrigeration has many reference for frozen fish cold storage and list some as follows---

  Shanghai Puxin Frozen market    frozen fish cold storage

       Hubei province longwanghen fishing tackle co.,ltd    fish bait cold storage 

       Yanxin county lijiawan agro market   frozen fish ball cold storage

  Shanghai haizhou aquaculture

  Hubei province fengxing fishing tackle co.,ltd     fish bait refrigerated warehouse

    Wuhan crocodile farm   crocodile frozen storage

       Tianxiayu sturgeon farm     frozen fish low temperature storage

If you want to know more about the frozen fish cold storage, please feel free to keep abreast of haocool official website and wechat bulletin, weibo and alike platforms.

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