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Controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping methods for tomatoes
Jun 22, 2018

      How to preserve tomatoes for long time? Controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping cool room may be a good option. The required CA parameters are as follows: temperature: 10-13℃, oxygen content: 2-4%, Carbon dioxide: 3-6%, fresh-keeping time: 45 days.


       Controlled atmosphere storage is conducted in ventilation storage. Choose fresh and not completely ripe tomatoes into baskets which is about 25kg. before stacking, place a piece of plastic film the size over stacking, spray evenly 20kg lime, put the stacking cushion, stack on it as per rectangular shape, that is 6 baskets lengthwise, width 2 baskets, height 4 baskets, which totals 48 baskets. Put a storage tent on the stacking, wrap up and make it firm. The test orifice will be filled by cork.



     tomato storage conditions:

     normal cool room for tomatoes:

Red ripe fruit: temperature 10-13℃, storage time: 10-15 days;

Green raw fruit: temperature 10-13℃, storage time:30-35 days;

     controlled atmosphere cool room for tomatoes:

Temperature: 10-13℃, oxygen content: 2-4%,  carbon dioxide: 3-6%, fresh-keeping time: 45 days.

Notes: during the ripening of tomatoes, it will release the ethylene, removing it can prolong the tomato storage time and be against turning red and aging to a larger degree. Tomato storage shall be have a humidity of 85-90% and frost bite shall be avoided, and the temperature cannot be lower than 7℃.

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