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cold storage temperature of watermelons
Mar 13, 2018

    Summer is the prime season of watermelon, watermelon is not resistant to storage, when time goes to harvest and put into market in large sum, how to keep these watermelons has been the big concern for fruit sellers.

    What are the difficult points for watermelon freshkeeping storage?

    Watermelon are classified to respiration kind and later ripe chracteristics. During storage, the fibers increases and prone to rot.

    Watermelon is rich in water and sugar, big size and thin rind, prone to inner hurt. These above are the difficult points when store watermelons.


    Watermelon harvest consideration

    Watermelon cannot be harvested too early, should be with enough ripeness and before respiration.

    For later mature species, 40 days after blossom, the rind is bright and smooth, use finger to click, if the sound sounds ripe then harvest.

    before harvest, no watering a week ago, choose decent looking and without disease watermelons.

    When to harvest

    Haocool suggest in the early morning, avoiding the high temperature in the day.

    The storage methods of watermelon

    There are various storage methods, besides cold storage, there are sand storage and cellar storage etc..

    Tradtional storage methods has short temperory storage but do little to relieve the diseases of watermelon.


    How to prevent the deadly diseases of watermelon?


    Haocool has been reiterated the precooling role it plays to fruit and vegetable. The low temperatue in precooling storage can kill bacteria on watermelons.

    Watermelon freshkeeping storage in cold storage

    When watermelons are stored in cold storage, can avoid various bug and diseases. With right humidity and temperature, it is good for freshkeeping watermelons.

    What are the best humidity and temperature?

    Haocool suggests the parameters:

    Watermelon cold storage temperatue: 9-11℃;

    Relative humidity: 86-95%

    It must be paid attention to cold hurt, when the temperatue is lower than 8℃, it shall be taken care of.


    When store watermelons, racks can also be used for 1-2 layers, put in order and keep enough ventilation and heat removal space. With right intervals checking and management, watermelons can be stored for 1-2 months or longer.

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