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City distribution of vegetable in sharing era
Apr 20, 2018

These years have seen the rising concern over vegetable quality. Traditional vegetable distribution means can not meet today`s demands. In present the agricultural chain of seeding, growing, purchasing, warehousing, distribution, selling, the multifaceted vegetable cold chain distribution trend is more and more evident.

bio friendly city`s vegetable distribution

Shanghai is famous cosmopolitan city, but still attaches great importance to build bio friendly city. Chongming, Jinshan, Fengxian districts` agriculture is booming, the direct route from field to dining table, can not be possible without the matching of city distribution and low temperature cold storage. And city vegetable distribution features sparseness, small lot, small quantity, high quality requirements directly resulting in higher distribution cost.  So the cold storage and cold chain distribution come into play.

  sharing type low temperature cold storage and distribution

It has increased the efficiency of cold chain logistics distribution, decreasing the cost of operation cost of vegetable growing, selling, warehousing and distribution, and greatly save the resources of cold chain facility and human labor.

Readers can well remember the early 2016 see a frost bite in Shanghai, and aroused the attention to fruit and vegetable operation, especially the cold storage of it.  Not only nature, but also we can use cold storage to adjust and solve the overstocking and low price in peak season problems. The strengthening of the city cold storage construction and sharing of warehousing resources, has become the social responsibility of refrigeration and warehousing industry.


Notes need to take serious attention as follows:

       1.According to the characteristics of vegetable, transport season, travel distance and storage requirements, we choose different transport tools.

  2. all transport tools need to be sterilized, while also the cover, packaging, bedding shall be clean and neat.

  3. Proper procedure done before transport, that is to separate the bruised and disease affected goods from good ones. If not from cold storage, we still need to process and package in low temperature.

  4. During the transport, the temperature and humidity shall be conforming to requirements if abnormal occurs, precautions shall take effect and we need to pay attention to carbon dioxide and ethylene concentration degree, avoid frost bite and overheating.

  5 The stacking of vegetable shall prevent the collision using decent packaging and stacking methods, ensuring the vegetable quality while having a good room usage.

  6. During the transport and movement, shall avoid at most the vibration. Avoid mechanical damage.

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