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Chengdu controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping fruit and vegetable cold storage installation
May 03, 2018

        When talking of CA fresh-keeping cold storage, we may think various fresh-keeping methods of fruit and vegetable. Yes, the CA fresh-keeping cold storage is widely used and are a common means of fresh-keeping engineering equipment.

Haocool hereby introduces the status quo of CA fresh-keeping cold storage, mainly 2 kinds of CA mode_____

  1. CA fresh-keeping cold storage

  CA is using gas to regulate the atmosphere inside the cold storage, by mechanical equipment to realize fruit fresh-keeping.

CA basics is fresh-keeping cold storage, temperature is same as normal ones or a bit higher, but not too low to prevent cold bite.

It mainly lies in the gas content for various fruits, the temperature and humidity has different requirements and with high accuracy.

Advantages: CA with low temperature, fresh-keeping effect (color and hardness etc.) is better than normal cold storage, and with longer fresh-keeping time duration.


  2.  MA modified atmosphere fresh-keeping cold storage

MA modified atmosphere cold storage is also called a plastic film bag MA fresh-keeping method.

MA plastic film bag mainly has 2 types: one is initiative MA, namely according to different fruits respiration speed, fill with combined gas, and use different permeant rate films; 2 is passive MA film, namely use plastic film to wrap up fruits, use fruit and vegetable respiration to lower down oxygen content and through packaging to exchange gas, regulate oxygen and carbon dioxide ratio.

  What is the principle of MA modified atmosphere storage?

  MA plastic film bag fresh-keeping, mainly according to food characteristics and fresh-keeping requirements, let food in storage with proper ratio packaging to lengthen fresh duration. 

   Mainly application?

  MA is widely applied in agricultural crops, fresh fruit and vegetable and alike food high end fresh-keeping storage. It grows quickly at annual 20% rate.

  Disadvantages: MA technology is a bit complicated, and has strict requirements for packaging material and properties, not widely used in China yet.

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