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Central kitechen`s meaning to the chain restaurant
Feb 07, 2018


    These years have seen the quick development of our nation`s catering business, especially the chain restaurant, covering above 75 percent of whole market share and keep the skyrocketing momentum, which draws people`s attention to the food safety issues.

    Under the attention of whole society, the food safety has been the spotlight issue, and if unconformity occurs ,it will be a disaster to the brand.

    catering industry ranges from the comprehensive hotel, to the mere catering restaurant to fast food. And under the multiculutral influence, the catering business has boomed both in variety and manufacturing methods, brings impact and change to the chinese traditional catering supply chain.

    How to defend the first wave of impact?

    Shortage of talents,  difficult implementation and short of standardization, high operation cost are considered to be the 3 most challenges facing the catering business. The standardization is only 45% and is the big problem.

    The catering standard implementation, what are the main weak points?

    Haoshuang refrigeration( haocool) food cold storage planning engineer Mr.Wang shuyou told editor, that the weak points lie in the supply chain, fresh-keeping standardization and kitchen management etc..”the catering industry is not just one industry. Mr. Wang said merely food raw material, the industries covered include food supply, logistics, cold chain, warehousing and distribution. The most directly linked to food safety is the cold chain warehousing.


     a shot of the malysia mission foods food processing worshop cold storage by HaoCool

    How to start the catering cold storage to prevent the raw material safety issue?

     grading and standardization management of fresh food.

    Many catering shops has no full tracability of food raw material, and these cover a huge percentage nowadays.

    What role will cold storage play for it?

    Take meat products for example, from slaugterging, low temperature acid free treatment cold storage are playing a incresingly important role in ensuring meat hygine and taste; after acid free treatment, sectioning and packaging will be done in cold storage; transport to distributors of various locations, need cold store for temperory storage and distributed to various restraunt shops. Of course, catering shop will consider if neccessary to build a cold storage refering the south memory and haidilao hot pot chain restraunt cold storage.



 a shot of Haidilao hotpot YanCheng restaurant cold store made by HaoCool

     the establishment of central kitchen

    “establish tracability from the initial food raw material is paramount to the scale development of catering.” HaoCool Mr. Wang said. The estbalishment and standardization of central kitchen is the priority task of fresh-keeping of catering. “ traditional catering cold storage has mismanagement and nonconforming temperature phenomena and will lead to the safety and hygine problems. The central kitchen is a must for modern chain restraunt and a neat food supply chain is the start of standardization. From the source of fresh-keeping to a neat supply chain can cetering standardization be achived and secure food safety and hygine.

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