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candy heart apple cold storage
May 08, 2018

      In market, we often heard the term candy heart, the so-called candy heart apple, is due to the honey like crystallization form in core area which contains much sugar.

      Candy heart apple is the premium kind, Xinjiang Aqsu candy heart apple when sectionally cut, the candy heart is seen.

       Actually it is a commercial, it is one kind of disease but not harmful to health, and it is very sweet, so the term candy heart is generated by businessmen.

       How to keep candy heart apple fresh, what is the temperature for its cold storage?

       Apple if put in optimal temperature, can effectively reduce the harm of microorganism bacteria, avoid bad effect of over heat and over low temperature.

Low temperature is paramount for apple storage, it prolong storage life by 20% when put in -1℃ than 0℃. Store apples as soon as possible when harvested, then can make longer storage.


  So it is about the precooling of apple

You may refer to posts history in haocool website, which is a term haocool often stress.

  The newly harvested apples undergo precooling for a night and put to cold storage to get rid of field heat, when temperature cool down to 5℃ then stack them.

  Cold storage of apple.

Apple ice point is -1~-1.5℃, normal storage temperature of apple is about -1℃~-2℃, relative humidity is 92-95%. Different kinds of apple have different required cold storage temperature, so does different produce area. 


  Controlled atmosphere storage of apple.

  CA storage of apple need 0.5-1℃ higher temperature than normal cold storage.

  Apple CA storage, through controlling gas content can make fruit and vegetable in dormant state, and can make apple come to itself when put out of storage. And also have longer shelf time than those put in normal cold storage and taste better and fresher.

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