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Bok-choy cold storage fresh-keeping technology
May 04, 2018

       Bok choy is also named small greens, and relatives of Chinese cabbage, is native to East Asia.

It is widely grown in China and its fresh-keeping storage has caught wide concerns.

       Bok choy is favorable to be grown in coolness rather than warmth, during storage, the diseases can be yellow leaves, dehydration, withering, rotting. Yellow leaves are due to much high temperature for storage and respiration damage. Dehydration and withering is due to low relative humidity. Rotting is due to microorganism pollution, which happens in the later stage of storage. But for cold storage, bok choy can only store 1-2 days in 25℃ normal temperature. 


       So what is the optimal temperature and humidity of bok choy cold storage?

Haocool suggests: cold storage temperature is about 1℃, RH 85-90%.

  Preparation before put into cold storage

  Before put into cold storage, bok choy will undergo sifting and selection away the yellowish rotten leaves to prevent bad effect to others.

After selection, put in 1-5℃ precooling storage to take away field heat and lessen metabolism.

During precooling, bok choy can be put into plastic basket or bamboo basket, then transferred to 1-2℃ cold storage.

Not precooled and those done precooling bok choy is rather different in the later stage of cold storage. So we suggest customers do precooling if conditions meet.


   placement and management

To increase cold storage space efficiency, bok choy can be put in moveable shelves or basket stacking. Generally, each basket can hold 20-25kg, 10 baskets in one stack, each square meter 40-48 baskets, storage quanltity had better 800-1000kg or more.

Generally, air coolers are used to lower temperature in cold storage, to prevent dehydration of bok choy, also add a layer of plastic film around and in the top of basket.  The stacks had better be rectangular in the direction of cold air, there should be little space better baskets and stacks.  Must check the layers, each parts temperature change, control well the optimal temperature.  Every 20 days move bok choy upside down.

  what need to be noticed when put bok choy in and out of cold storage?

Bok choy shall be put in and out of cold storage in lot and batches. Every day`s inward quantity shall not be over 1 fifth of the cold storage refrigeration capacity to avoid instant temperature buildup thus badly effect bok choy quality.

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