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Abalone blast freezer temperature
Feb 26, 2018

    Chinese prefer fresh food to frozen food, but as the refrigeration technology is developing rapidly, people`s awareness of cold chain is higher, and the cold chain is the main cause of responsible companies like HaoCool.

    Especially to coastal residents, the new caught seafood is preferrence. But data shows coastal residents suffer more gout, acute gastroenteritis disease and food safety issues. This shows the coverage of cold chain and the necessity of enhance cold chain awareness.


    New zealand native paua, when newly caught, it will be put into minus 60℃ blast freezer and the following procedure like transport, warehousing, distribution, all of which is under same temperature. And new zealand people are very rest assured of the food safety.

    Why europe and USA focus on blast freeze?

    Because under the circumstance of minus 60℃, it has locked its freshness and more importantly it is more hygine and safer by preventing the bacteria proliferation, which means a lot for seafood.


    Haocool has found that precooling time is also major factor of abalone quality.

    Low temperature precooling

    Abalone center temperature reaches minus 50℃, and the experiment shows the blast freezing time has improved by 17%.

    So it is necessary to decrease the initial temperature of abalone thus shortening the blast freezing time and improving efficiency.

    Non conforming freezing and storage will lead to loss of water as well as nutrients like protein, vitamin etc. Which shows the imbalance of engineering quality of different contractor and subcontractor.

    Elasticity is a important index of estimate of abalone quality. The lower the freezing temperature the better the elasticity it will be.


    Nowadays, seafood blast freezing has tunnel and plate methods, and new technology like liquid blast freezing, ozone plus liquid nitrogen is coming to play and solve the problems of old method.

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